Our Big Fat Geek Wedding!

Wedding Invite - Backside

Welcome, one and all, to Our Big Fat Geek Wedding & our wedsite!

We have been dating for 4 years, and know that we want to be together as partners, friends, husband and wife, for the rest of our lives. You’re invited to celebrate with us on July 31st, 2011.  This wed-site is here for your viewing pleasure  and information seeking  - a quick guide so you know where you’re headed:

Characters is for everyone involved with the wedding.
Wedding information will answer all your questions about the geek affair of the new century
Gallery includes photos from the various events
Location will tell you all about the places we’re doing wedding stuff at
RSVP is pretty self explanitory
Thanks is for all the people who are helping us out with making sure this wedding happens
Registry is where to go to help us start our new life together
Blog has all the updates of what we’re doing with the wedding, and will include posts of wedding event pictures! :D

We’re so excited to invite you to our Geek Wedding – so quick, make sure you RSVP by July 5th! Spots are limited, and the only way to ensure you’re coming to the wedding is to RSVP.  Please fill out everything as we want to make sure to meet any needs ahead of time, and make you feel comfortable at this geeky affair.

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